Canis Panther Pitbull Mix Dog Info and Breeding Facts

Canis Panther Pitbull mix might be a very uncommon breeding ideology as the Canis panther is already a rare breed. Neither one is recognized by significant players in the kennel clubs.

Canis Panthers and Pit bulls are both strong, loyal, and intelligent dog breeds. Both breeds have the genetic component of at least one American bull terrier.

Understanding Canis Panther Pitbull Mix: The Facts

You can theoretically breed a Canis panther Pitbull mix. The Canis Panther Pitbull mix is a unique and intriguing combination. However, in crossing two large dogs, there are some important stuffs that you need to understand.

These are the important factors of cross-breeding Canis Panther Pit Bull mix:


The Canis Panther is the result of careful breeding of four different dog types. It was created with personal protection as the main goal.

It is the mix of the Great Black Dane, Black Labrador, Doberman Pinscher, and the American Staffordshire Bull terrier. The cross was made to have a dog that is big, intelligent, affectionate, and loyal to its owners.

On the other side, the American Pit Bull Terrier is a mix of Bulldogs and Terriers. Pit bulls encompass various breeds native to the United States. These small fur guys are tenacious, strong, and energetic.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is well known for its compassion towards its owners and they can guess when something is wrong with their mental health.

These puppers are not accepted as normalized breeds among kennel enthusiasts and many are opposed to the idea of breeding such dogs.

Traits and Characteristics

As a crossbreed of two relatively large dogs. The Canis Panther Pitbull mix will retain a similar physique across the board.

If you breed a Canis Panther and Pitbull mix chances are they will have these characteristics, a mix of them both:

  • Strong and Muscular Build
  • Loyal and Affectionate
  • Intelligent and Trainable
  • Territorial Alpha
  • Highly Energetic

Health Concerns

Health concerns are a big factor in breeding dogs. Genetic mutilation and conditions can become life-threatening for these puppers.

These are common health issues with breeding two large dogs:

  1. Orthopedic Conditions: Hip Dysplasia and Carpal hyperextension are two painful diseases for these dogs.
  2. Heart Problems: Breeding two large dogs can result in the puppies having an enlarged heart and lead to heart failure at an early age.
  3. Bleeding Disorder: Von Willebrand’s Disease is an inherited bleeding disorder that shows up when cross-breeding.
  4. Breathing Problems: A mix of two large dogs and one being a pit bull, it is sure to develop some breathing problems throughout its life.
  5. Weak Immune and Nervous Systems: Crossbreeding always brings the risk of creating a breed with immunodeficiency and neurological issues.
  6. Hormonal Imbalance: They may even be prone to Cushing’s Disease where they don’t eat and only drink water for several days.

Potential for an Overly Aggressive Breed

Most Canis Panthers and Pit bulls are not aggressive if trained properly. But it still becomes a looming possibility that the offspring might be.

Training and socializing the puppies from an early age will play a big role in creating a friendly and compassionate breed of canis panther pitbull mix.

Things to Keep in Mind While Breeding Canis Panther Pitbull Mix

Neither the American Kennel Club nor the United Kennel Club recognizes these two as a mixed breed. There is also a wide consensus that these breeds should not exist in the first place.

If you end up mutilating the new breed, it will only strengthen their belief. However, we all know that these dogs are very loyal and will even lay down their life to save their owner.

Let’s dive into the precautions you should take to ensure proper mixing:

Consulting a Professional Breeder and Veterinarian

Before starting to do backyard breeding of these two uncommon dog types, you should consult a pro breeder or vet.

Doing compatibility tests and health screening is the first step to ensure a proper mix. Identifying the right genetic mix and mutilations early on is a good way to get rid of fatal genetic conditions.

Select the Right Parents

The temperament of the parent dogs is an indicator of how well-behaved the puppies are going to be. The goal here should be a healthy breed mix.

Selecting parents who are less likely to pass on hereditary health problems such as Cushing’s disease, Diabetes, and Von Willebrand’s disease will be crucial for the puppies’ well-being.

Breeding Environment

Create a stress-free, spacious area to start breeding. Give the parents high-quality food and all the nutrients that they need.

Consult a vet to determine the dietary needs of the parents and the offspring. Do regular health checkups when the female gets pregnant and make sure everything is in order before the puppies arrive.

Taking Care of the Puppies

The most important thing after the female gives birth is ensuring proper health checkups and vaccinations for the puppies.

The first few months are the most crucial. They can start developing different symptoms of diseases so get them checked now and then so it does not become a fatal issue.

Maintain their hygiene with regular grooming and trim their nails. Keep a close eye on their growth and for any physical abnormalities.

Breeding Standards

Selective breeding and cross-breeding are ways to produce puppies with improved traits. Another concern in crossing is reducing the risk of hereditary diseases.

When breeding the Canis Panther Pit bull mix, the basic standard should be to enhance the overall health of the breed mix.

Suitable Homes

Whether you want to keep the puppies or give them out for adoption make sure the household they are going to be staying in has a sociable environment.

These breeds are not for novice trainers. Have them go to owners with experience dealing with large dogs. Look for active owners who can commit to training and developing these puppies from an early age.

Canis Panther Pitbull mix needs a lot of time and attention to grow up to be some of the best protection dogs out there.

Canis Panther Pitbull Mix – (FAQs)

Can you mix two large dogs?

Yes, you can. but there are limitations like lack of natural mating and the inability of the offspring to further give birth.

Do large dogs need more exercise?

The bigger the dog, the more exercise it needs to stay healthy.

What is the average lifespan of a Canis Panther?

Usually around 10-12 years.