All About Wheaten Terrier Pitbull Mix

A cute crossbreed dog, the Wheaten Terrier Pitbull Mix which is also known as Bully Wheaten thrives in active households with older kids.

Although this dog is considered to be kind and affectionate, he also has a lot of energy, which could be overpowering for some people, especially little children who might unintentionally get pushed over by this active pup.

Wheaten Terrier Pitbull Mix Info, Characteristics and All

HeightMale: 13-20 inches Female: 14-16 inches
Weight41-65 Ibs
Tail Crop or DockNo
Lifespan12-15 years
Preferred WeatherAny weather
ColorsBlack, White, Red, Light Brown, Red-black brindle

Behavior and Personality

Although the Bully Wheaten breed of dog is still relatively young, it has already gained popularity among households with kids and other animals.

This is due to the fact that Bully Wheatens are renowned for being affectionate, devoted, and pleasant canines. They can, however, be rather challenging to train, so it’s critical to get started early with a trustworthy and equitable schedule.

Although bully Wheatens typically have modest personalities, they are also incredibly vigilant and brave. They are excellent playmates for kids and are strongly devoted to their families. Prior to getting to know someone or another animal, they might be wary of them.

Price and Availability

The average price of this breed is $800-$1000. If you decide to buy a Bully Wheaten, you ought to be aware that the price listed is an average based on data gathered from breeder websites and puppy-finding websites. To ensure that the Bully Wheaten goes to a good home, if you have one for sale, please list it on a reputable website.

It’s not difficult to acquire a Bully Wheaten. Overbreeding is a possibility because of how well-liked the breed is. Inbreeding is widespread due of its acceptance. According to a recent study, inbreeding raises the risk of contracting diseases and having health issues.

Be cautious, purchase from a reputable store or kennel, and ask an expert or someone with knowledge to guide you so that you may make the best choice.


Not the smartest canine intelligence, though. Remember that they learn new orders and retain them after 40–80 repetitions if you wish to demonstrate them any tricks.

Bully Wheaten obedient to the initial command 30% or better of the time. Therefore, you might want to rethink your breed decision if you want a smart dog. The Bully Wheaten is rated as having below average dog intellect.

Bite Characteristics

Wheaten bully bite force is Standard. They Bite hard Bully Wheaten pressure readings typically vary from 200 to 400 PSI. When compared to the bite forces of other dog breeds, the Bully Wheaten’s are thought to be average, although they are still extremely strong.

If the dog is properly trained and cared for, a bully Wheaten bite PSI is nothing to be afraid of. It’s crucial to understand how to socialize a Bully Wheaten dog from day one in order to prevent any problems.

Since the Bully Wheaten and many other breeds have powerful jaws, it’s crucial to keep the dog calm and out of strangers’ presence until it has received all the necessary training.

However, they are often peaceful, make wonderful friends, fit in well with families, and require little maintenance.


You should use a metal comb and a sharp bristle brush to brush the Bully Wheaten’s fuzzy coat at least every two days. To avoid causing harm to your hair, you should first use your fingers to loosen tangles and mats before combing them out.

Your Bully Wheaten can be bathed, when necessary, but avoid over shampooing them. Each week, be sure to clean and trim their nails, and clean their ears for debris and wax.

In order to prevent periodontal disease, physicians also advise brushing your dog’s teeth at least twice a week. It is advised to use the specific toothpaste made for canines.

Food and Nutrition

The finest dry dog food is Blue Buffalo Freedom Adult Chicken Cuisine Grain-Free Dog Food for Bully Wheaten.

The recipe for the dish contains poultry fat but is free of gluten and chemical preservatives. The recipe’s addition of calcium and phosphorus-containing components makes the diet necessary for strong bones.

  1. This processed food has 400 mg of glucosamine per kg.
  2. Iron, manganese, and other minerals are combined in this 373 Kcal per cup meal.
  3. This dog food without soy helps the dog’s oxidative system in a healthy way.

The Bully Wheaten can quickly put on weight if you don’t keep an eye on him. There should be a schedule for multiple daily walks.

Feeding your dog high-quality dog food that is dry and leading an active lifestyle together will help keep him healthy and happy. Try to strike a balance between eating and activity.

Make a nutrition plan and speak with your veterinarian if you experience any weight gain. Reduce junk food intake, and routinely check the Bully Wheaten’s weight.


Proestrus, the first phase of the cycle, lasts roughly nine days. The females begin to draw males at this time. Swelling of the vulva and red discharge are indicators.

The second phase is the estrus, a time when the female is susceptible to the male. It lasts between three and eleven days. The soft and swollen vulva is the proestrus part’s telltale symptom. The discharge dims and becomes paler in hue.

The Diestrus is the third component. It typically happens on day 14. The female’s discharge during this time turns bright red and is ending. When the vulva reaches her normal state, she forbids mating.

The fourth section is known as the Anestrus. In most cases, the interval between heat waves is around six months.

Wheaten Terrier Pitbull Mix: FAQs

What are the breeds that are similar to Wheaten Terrier Pitbull mix?

  1. Docker
  2. Goldenshire
  3. Basque Shepherd
  4. Pomsky
  5. Corsengi

What size can a Bully Wheaten reach?

The mixed breed typically grows to a height of 30 to 50 cm.

How long will Bully Wheaten live?

The Bully Wheaten has a maximum life expectancy of 15 years.

How much activity is required of this mixed breed?

To stay happy and healthy, the Bully Wheaten needs to play and exercise for 30 to 60 minutes each day.

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