Can Dogs Have Tortillas? (Corn, Flour etc…)

It’s no secret that corn tortillas do have a delicious and savory taste. All dogs will love it but can dogs have tortillas? But did you know that the nutritional content of tortillas also needs to be considered? Like the number of carbohydrates that seem very high.

Why? Because most of the composition of a tortilla is flour and corn. The nutritional content of the two main ingredients has a high carbohydrate value. So you have to pay more attention to every nutrient content.

Are tortillas safe for dogs? And other foods such as tortillas made from flour and corn also safe?

When your dog eats tortillas, just one or two may not be a problem, but if it continues, it can be dangerous. As we know, the nutritional content is excessive carbohydrates. If your dog continues to eat tortillas, it will impact his health, just like humans in general, and your dog can also become obese.

Things about the nutritional content of tortillas and their relationship to dog health are essential for you to know. So let’s talk about it in detail!

Are Tortillas Dangerous To Your Dog’s Health?

The primary raw ingredients for tortillas are flour and corn. It may sound routine in the ingredients, but is it safe for dogs?

The flour in tortillas usually comes from lard or butter, which makes the fat content high. If your dog eats tortillas, it could be overweight.

Twelve inches of tortilla can contain about 300 calories. Research from the American Institute of Cancer Research shows that the calorie content of a tortilla is more significant than one slice of bread. This fact shows that tortilla is quite unhealthy.

Flour tortillas have a higher fat and carbohydrate content than corn because corn tortillas have a more natural range. But with corn tortillas, there may be a risk of your dog choking on tiny corn kernels, so be careful, and you need to keep an eye on them.

Unlike humans, some dogs are allergic to grains such as corn or cereals. Tortillas are not the right choice for your pavilion consumption because they are not high in nutrition.

Is Eating Tortillas Poisonous To Dogs?

Are tortillas safe for dogs? There are various types of tortillas, including processed tortillas or homemade tortillas.

Processed tortillas pose a higher risk to the dog’s health because of nutritionally inappropriate ingredients. Let’s learn about the nutritional content of tortillas!

Corn Kernels

Corn is famous for its vitamins and minerals that are good for the body, but some dogs are allergic to corn kernels. So before your dog eats corn tortillas, you must ensure your dog’s condition.

Corn Flour

If the corn has been processed into flour, it will be safer for your dog. However, the nutritional content is not too significant. But relatively safe as dog consumption. You can process it yourself for your dog’s food.


The nixtamalization process plays an essential role in making tortillas. In this process cooking corn with a solution of lime water or calcium hydroxide may be pretty safe if the level is suitable for food, but will be toxic if in industrial processes.

Amylases and Xylanases

The function of these two ingredients is as a preservative. Corn tortillas are often used as complementary ingredients to make them last longer. And preservatives are pretty dangerous when they enter the body’s organs.

Transglutaminase, oxidoreductase, and protease

The dough on flour tortillas has rheological properties. And this is necessary to change nature.


Tortilla snacks contain a fair amount of salt. You should not often give your dog salty food because it will not suit its health. If you frequently consume salty food, you will be less likely to become dehydrated, but it does not rule out dangerous diseases due to high salt levels.

Other Ingredients

Tortillas require ingredients that can make tortillas last longer, namely preservatives. Among the frequently used are acidulants and emulsifiers.

You must be more selective about your dog’s food. We do not recommend making processed food for consumption for your dog because processed food contains dangerous preservatives.

In many processed foods, the food emulsifier is a crucial ingredient. However, a study tested laboratory rats with emulsifiers, and the results showed that the rats had a high appetite, so they gained weight. In addition, they are at risk of developing diabetes because their blood sugar levels are high.

You already know all the ingredients for making tortillas, so you should be warier than processed tortillas. It’s better not to give your dog eats tortillas.

Can Dog Eats Tortillas?

Are tortillas safe for dogs? Will it be dangerous for its health?

If we compare corn tortillas and flour tortillas, corn tortillas are better, but it would be better to avoid them altogether.

Even if you give your dog only a few tortillas, it would be better not to provide them with tortillas. Why? Tortillas are not dangerous, but the nutritional content is not balanced. And if your dog eats tortillas continuously, it will be vulnerable to disease risk. So don’t harm your dog.

Four toxic ingredients in tortillas are nixtamalization (when cooking corn on calcium hydroxide), emulsifiers, amylase, and xylanase (each of which we described above).

Of the many reasons above about tortillas, so don’t risk the health of your furry pet animal.

Dogs are prone to food allergies, so you should experiment before giving your dog food. It is helpful to know their compatibility with food so that your dog will avoid allergies and other health-related problems for your dog.

Can Dog Eats Flour Tortillas?

Flour tortilla has the main ingredient derived from flour. And flour is made from wheat. The grain’s nutritional content is not gluten-free, while dogs with allergies and their stomachs are sensitive to foods containing gluten. So if your dog is allergic to gluten, then never give your dog this tortilla.

Can Dog Eats Corn Tortillas?

Corn tortillas are better than flour because they are gluten-free. However, dogs are not as good as humans when digesting grains. And corn tortillas also contain additional ingredients, namely preservatives that are not good for your dog’s health.

NOTE: Flour and corn tortillas still contain the above toxic ingredients. And if your dog consumes it continuously, it will be dangerous and can cause damage to the dog’s internal organs.

Can Dogs Eat Homemade Tortillas?

If you want to give your dog tortillas, then homemade tortillas are the safest because of all the ingredients you get naturally, and you can control the elements that are not good for your dog. In addition, homemade tortillas are far from preservatives and other harmful chemicals.

There’s no problem giving your dog tortillas, as long as you make your own and ensure the safety of your ingredients.

To prevent eating tortillas, we recommend that your dog get used to organic dog food without wheat and corn. Like Riley’s products are guaranteed 100% safety because they are human-grade. In addition, it contains good ingredients to maintain eye health and immune levels in your dog.

Can Dog Eats Tortillas Chips?

Chips may not be suitable for humans, but are tortilla chips bad for dogs, too?

Corn is the main ingredient in making tortilla chips. Usually, corn is mixed with various additional spices. Seasoning ingredients in tortillas have a relatively high salt content. As we know, most salt is also not good for dog health. The process of frying chips is also a problem for your dog because this food will contain fat that comes from oil. The nutritional content of corn and flour is high in carbohydrates, so you are worried that it will cause obesity. So, if you ask if dogs can eat tortilla chips, the answer is no.

Health Risks

If your dog continues to eat tortillas, it will cause harmful effects, including the following:

  • Overweight
  • Diabetes
  • Upset stomach
  • Heart disease 
  • Diarrhea and Vomiting
  • Allergies
  • Bad eating habits
  • Dehydration (Mostly salt)
  • Digestive problems

Feeding your dog an occasional tortilla won’t be a problem, like once a month but don’t overdo it.

Are Tortillas Unsafe For Dogs?

Flour and corn tortillas contain a lot of carbohydrates, so they are high in calories and unsuitable for health. Processed tortillas require a long shelf life, so there are additional preservatives and other harmful chemicals.

These ingredients, when consumed continuously, can be toxic and damage organs. Tortilla chips also contain a lot of salt, which is dangerous for your dog. You must take care of the food that enters your dog’s body carefully,

Frequently Asked Questions

Many dog owners are still confused about dogs eating tortillas. Here are some of these questions:

Can puppies eat tortillas? We don’t recommend giving your puppies tortillas. They are not old enough to consume foods that contain harmful chemicals and high calories because this will interfere with your puppy’s growth period and its health.

Can dog eat wraps? If your dog eats wraps, before eating, you have to make sure it’s safe, starting from the nutritional content, preservatives, and chemicals. Usually, the packs sold in the market are not safe for puppies because they contain a lot of harmful additives, so you should make your pack for your dog to ensure its safety and health.

Can dogs eat taco shells? Taco shells are similar to tortilla chips, so their nutritional content is almost identical. It will not be a problem if your dog only consumes a little. But do not overdo it because of the high salt content and other additives that may not be good for your dog’s health.

Can huskies eat tortillas? We recommend not giving tortillas to all types of dogs, including huskies. Additional ingredients may make your huskies allergic or unsafe for their health. You can provide your huskies with organic food that is healthier and contains good nutrition.

Dog Eats Tortillas: Should You Let It?

To ensure its health, you must ensure that the food you give is healthy and full of nutrients.

Many dogs whose digestion is prone to food made from flour or corn. However, if your dog is compatible with corn and flour, give it another food made from flour and corn, which has better nutrition than tortillas.

Giving your dog flour tortillas or corn tortillas once may not be a problem, but over and over again, it can be dangerous. You can replace their food with healthy and nutritious snacks because the nutrients in tortillas are high in calories. This is useful for maintaining the health of your dog.