Can Dogs Eat Raw Bacon?

If a dog sees bacon, they’re sure to eat it. But can dogs eat raw bacon? Even though they are liked by pets, consuming too much is not suitable for their well being.

When you see your dog eating bacon, you should check it out immediately for fear that your dog will swallow too much meat. As we know, excessive consumption will not be suitable for dogs.

And when your dog overeats bacon, then it’s best if you take him to the vet.

If My Dog Eats Bacon, Things I Have To Do Immediately?

In case your pet sees bacon on the table, it’ll eat it immediately because it’s so appealing for the dog.

Your beloved dog will devour anything on the table if that includes food they like. If you don’t keep an eye on it, then any amount of bacon will magically disappear because of this furry animal.

Don’t Panic If You Find Out Your Dog Has Eaten Raw Bacon.

Many foods are harmful to dogs’ health and can even threaten their lives. However, eating raw bacon won’t be that scary if your dog eats raw bacon.

Count how much your dog ate raw bacon. Make sure you know.

When your dog eats a small amount of raw bacon, there won’t be any strange reactions they will experience. And you still need to monitor their behavior in the next few hours until they are really in good condition.

And if your dog eats an excessive amount of raw bacon, but you can’t stop it, then, at worst, it could develop symptoms of internal infection or inflammation.

If this happens, you should immediately contact the nearest vet to prevent something terrible.

When a Pet Consumes Bacon In Un-cooked Form, What Happens?

Although the ingredients in raw bacon are not toxic, they are still not safe enough as dog food.

Too much salt and fat content in bacon because its processing is derived from pig. So it becomes unhealthy food for dogs.

For humans, consuming foods high in salt and fat is also hazardous. Just like dogs, it would be dangerous if dogs overeat.


The pancreatic disease attacks the pancreas organ, where pancreatic inflammation occurs, which will eventually not function as it should. The pancreatic disease can occur if dogs continue to consume raw bacon.

The pancreas produces the hormone insulin. This hormone functions to regulate blood sugar levels. The pancreas organ in your dog helps digest food, and the pancreas can control the amount of glucose and carbohydrates in the food the dog has consumed.

The danger is that your dog can get diabetes mellitus due to the loss of function of the pancreas to produce the hormone insulin, which helps control blood sugar.

Diabetes mellitus in dogs is very dangerous and even threatens their lives because this disease will last a lifetime.


Furthermore, a problem that is also dangerous for dogs is contracting trichinosis. This disease is also caused by consuming raw bacon. Because of completely uncooked or partially cooked meat, parasites will cause infections in humans and dogs, especially muscle conditions.

Trichinosis infection comes from a worm called Trichinella spiralis. If the dog consumes food containing the worm, the worm will stay alive and produce larvae, spreading throughout the dog’s body and causing infection in the dog’s organs.

You must pay attention and supervise your dog because it will be challenging to treat if it is already infected. Because this disease sometimes goes undetected.

The above disease needs medical treatment because it is hazardous for dogs. If you suffer from diabetes mellitus, it will require a lot of money because this disease will last a lifetime.

Reactions That Occur If Your Dog Eats Raw Bacon

In case your pet has consumed bacon in completely uncooked form, then there will be no reaction. And the response was only seen after a span of some hours.

Although the symptoms of this disease do not appear immediately, you still have to pay attention to it. Because late handling will be dangerous for dogs, they will experience more severe symptoms.

Frequently Occurring Issues

If below mentioned signs appear in your dog, then immediately contact the nearest veterinarian. After reading these it becomes clear the answer to whether pets can consume bacon in uncooked form is a “no”, it’s not advised.


The first sign is in the dog’s digestion. Maybe suddenly, your dog wants to throw up the meat they had eaten sometime earlier because they feel pain in their digestive organs. However, it is challenging to regurgitate once they have swallowed it. Then if you notice this, contact your veterinarian immediately to have it checked.

Abdominal Pain

Swallowed bacon may cause inflammation of the dog’s intestines. You can tell when the dog’s behavior seems odd, such as groaning in pain. You can be sure by touching his stomach. And if he reacts strangely, take your dog to the doctor to ensure his condition.


A possibility that your pet ate raw bacon and is lethargic is when they are too lazy to move and sleep. They may have a fever or muscle aches that usually make their body achy to walk or play. If these symptoms appear, you can contact the doctor to ask what happened to your dog, and this could be dangerous for your dog.


If your dog suddenly has diarrhea, immediately check the feces. Maybe ypur pet has succeeded to get out the bacon they had swallowed. Diarrhea arises due to infection in the food ingredients because there are foods that are unsuitable or allergic to them. Then check your dog’s doctor to make sure diarrhea stops, and you can go back to eating the right food, and you have to start being careful about your diet.

Muscle Pain

One of the infections of the dog’s muscles is the previously mentioned trichinosis. Symptoms of muscle pain occur because there is a parasite that infects the muscles in the bones. Your dog will feel pain when walking because his muscles are swollen. Then you should immediately check your dog’s condition with the vet because these symptoms are difficult to detect.

How To Keep From Consuming Uncooked Bacon Repeatedly?

You, as the owner, must implement an active style of living for your dog, manage the dog’s nutritional needs, and also the place to live. Your dog must be familiar with the conditions they are allowed to walk through and live in your home.

Don’t let your dog jump on the table to refrain your pet from consuming raw bacon. Like humans, you also have to get used to good behavior from your dog since they are small because it will be difficult when adults.

However, dogs have a strong instinct for their owners. It can be tricky to control if you start raising dogs as adults.

To prevent your dog from eating raw bacon, keep it away, and don’t let your dog starve because they could eat carelessly. If you read the tips above, it might look easy. But this isn’t easy. Start from scratch to teach your dog.

Don’t let your dog see raw bacon on the table or where they can reach it. Because if they see it will eat it. Save raw bacon when you’re not at home because no one is watching what your dog is doing. They could be wrong to eat raw bacon.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Bacon?

Eating raw bacon may not be life-threatening if your dog eats raw bacon. However, it is not good if your dog ate raw bacon too much.

And if your dog eats a reasonable amount of bacon, probably nothing will happen. But if there are too many problems that arise in your dog’s health, so stay alert.

Do not let your dog eat raw bacon excessively because if it happens continuously, it will be hazardous for your dog. So that your pavilion does not get sick from eating bacon, you must pay attention to your paddle’s diet and behavior patterns.