Service Dogs for Tourettes: Is One Right For Me?

Do you know someone with Tourette syndrome (learn more here)? If so, looking into service dogs for Tourettes might be a good idea. Below are some stories of successful partnerships of people suffering from Tourette’s and trained service dogs.

Alfie & Blake

I was a typical high school student at the start of my studies. I was having a good time along pals and performing well in studies.

But everything changed in the year two thousand nineteen’s March. Unfortunately I got Tourette’s syndrome and fits that were not epileptic in nature. It grew so severe that I got expelled from the institute and didn’t get the chance to finish my junior or senior years like the other students in the institution. 

I started looking into getting the assistance of a dog, however the problem was there were no facilities nearby that had provided necessary training to dogs related to Tourette’s. 

Luckily, we discovered a service dog training center nearby. It was only a day’s drive away, and they once had provided training to a pet for a person with Tourette’s syndrome. We soon contacted them, and they found my service dog, Alfie, and we instantly clicked.

When initially I met my dog, he quickly became aware of my tics. We created a strong bond as we worked together, and at present we both get along really well. Thanks to the service dog training center. Their meticulous training made Alfie a perfect pet as he is now. I can rely on him to provide me protection. It is the pet I needed so that I can have a normal life.

Myles & Erin

My name is Erin and I have a service dog named Myles. I’ve spent a good portion of my life dealing with weird muscular issues that made me immobilized for hours. Doctors said I had attacks of anxiety and fear. I felt insane and lonely. Topping it all off, I developed Tics during my high school’s starting years.

 A specialist was consulted later that year, and I was diagnosed with this disease. I was also diagnosed with another “rare” juvenile disease called paroxysmal non-kinesigenic dyskinesia. My muscles clench uncontrollably as a result of this illness, leaving me immobilized and miserable a lot of time. It was the time when  I began searching for an organization to train my existing dog. 

I finally found a dog training center situated near Oklahoma. I lived in Wyoming at that time and I wasn’t sure if proper training can be provided to my pet. So I called them and explained the situation. According to the explanation provided by the trainer they even trained dogs overseas and they would be ready to help me train Myles!

I eagerly started training my dog as soon as the trainer started to slowly provide me with information. We’ve been training Myles for a good 150 days and it’s amazing! Myles has shielded me from several difficult situations when I’m going to suffer from an attack before I realize! I am eternally grateful to my dog’s trainer and the company for everything they have accomplished for the sake of my well being.

The dog training company has shown me a lot of affection and hope. I now have look forward towards a life that is more like normal thanks to Myles. The company genuinely take cares of people’s well being, and I’m honored to be a part of an incredible journey.

Ava & Harley

I’m Ava and my whole life turned upside down in 2013 after I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. 

Following extensive tests and visits to the hospital, it was established that I most likely had serious issue named as TS i.e Tourrete’s Syndrome and a number of other problems. I had a number of prescriptions and trips across the state to help in controlling my simulated strokes,jerks,leg numbness, fainting spells, discomfort, headaches, and tics that changed on a weekly basis. Finally, a recommendation was made that we should check into service dogs.

My family and I were frustrated following instance of weeks exploring the web for s pet that could be trained for services related to Tourret’s syndrome to find just two service providers in the United States. Both were costly and beyon thousand miles far. Then a close pal recommended an exceptional person capable of tgraining dogs located inh Tulsa who can have the chance to assist us. It was this when we found out a dog training company that changed my life. The trainer took on the challenging job of providing her first training to a dog for Tourrete’s Syndrome. I was introduced to Harley, a mischievous Goldendoodle who quickly became my dearest buddy and lifetime companion.

Harley can detect a “tic attack” before I even notice. He would lay over my leg whenever he could sense that I’m going to have tics. The dog pats and pushes me as long as I don’t touch him to distract me from paying attention to my jerks. Harley stands by my side so that he can protect me whenever I faint, also he protects me from panicking whenever I have issues related to breathing.  In case my legs become senseless he makes me sit down and also whiffs my hands in case I’m about to loose my senses! My dog also detects when I feel noxious or alone, or upset, and forces me to cease whatever I am doing at the moment and pay attention to him in order to avoid an attack. Harley is more than just a pet that assiste me with my disease. We both a life long partnership who will allow me to spend my life like any other normal person.

Macy & Harper

I’m Macy, and I suffer from a neurlogy related disease that is known as Tourrete’s syndrome, that once change the way I wanted to spend my life. But how I spend my life changed entirely after I met my service dog.

Getting a trainer for Tourette’s service dog can be difficult and expensive. There are just a few service dog trainers for Tourette Syndrome available. Luckily, I found a perfect trainer who introduced me to my service dog and best buddy, Harper.

I couldn’t go to college before I met Harper due of my disabilities. Both my legs become paralyzed, I will literally  collapse and experience psychogenic convulsions. I’d get tics where I’d damage myself, and they’d change on a weekly basis. I thought I couldn’t have any authority over my life since I couldn’t have any authority over my structure. But now I can control my life again thanks to my service dog.

Harper detects seizures before they occur. If I fall, he shields me and the seizure ceases. He can sense whenever my legs are about to faint and also whenever I am feeling anxious.

I have adopted a recent jerk in which I give a blow to my face. Harper started intercepting them right away and had instead allowed me to console him.

Harper is my world. He and his trainer had brought a transformation into the way I live.