Super Cute Smiling Puppies That Will Melt Your Heart

Nothing melts the heart like a warm smile especially when it’s a puppy smile. Who doesn’t love when their furry friends are smiling from ear to ear?

For many dog owners, it is always a heartwarming scene when greeted with a big dog smile. I know many people who love rescuing dogs just to see their smile when they’re feeling much better later.

This is exactly what I want to show you in this post. Here are ten puppies with the best smiles that is sure to put a smile on your own face!

Look at the pure bliss on her face. She is definitely ready to play outside!

This happy one who is just a few weeks old and already smiling like a champ.

Is she smiling because she likes her outfit?

A happy puppy feeling comfortable in her pajama.

This little pup with a nice smile, she is so small you can carry her with one hand.

You can clearly tell that this puppy loves playing outside.

Not enough kisses for this adorable little puppy

Fluffy and happy, this little puppy brings joy to everyone.

This little pup with more of a curious look on her face than a smile but pretty darn cute none the less

And this puppy who is ready to go on an adventure.

I hope these smiling puppies can make your day a lot better. Stay tune for more pictures of smiling puppies.