5 Reasons Why Great Danes Are Awesome

Many people wanted to own a dog, and they ended up with Great Danes. But why is that? Why is this breed so popular? A common question we answered is are Great Danes good with kids?

People who don’t know much about Great Danes would be intimidated when they see them for the first time. They are pretty big and have intense expressions, too. However, once you spend a bit more time, you will understand that this breed of dog is more silly than scary.

Great Danes are known to have goofy personalities, and they are not afraid of trying new things thanks to their roots as hunting dogs. If you are thinking of owning a Great Dane, I have five reasons why you should go ahead this breed is awesome.

Great Danes love children

I know how difficult it is to pick a dog breed when you have kids at home. Some dogs are too small, and kids might hurt them without realizing it. But some dogs are just not a good fit with children due to their behaviors.

The good news is that Great Danes are good with children. They make excellent dogs for big families and even families who live in apartments. Great Danes don’t need heavy exercise and like to play with all kinds of toys. Most of the black Great Danes and all other variations would just sleep on a couch next to everyone.

They can keep up with you

If you are the active type, you don’t have to worry about Great Danes since they can keep with you however fast you are. They have massive strides and powerful build and can sprint fast. Remember that they were originally hunting dogs, so they’re not so weak outdoors. So, if you are looking for a running partner, a Great Dane would be the best partner you can have.

Great Danes are great guard dogs

Big size and stern expressions do have some benefits. If you are looking for a guard dog that loves to play, then you should consider getting a Great Dane. Danes can be loyal and protective of their families. However, please remember to train a pup, so they know how to protect their families properly.

That said, a properly trained Great Dane can intimidate anyone, thanks to their size and look. This is great if you’re looking for a dog breed that can guard the house and protect your family.

Great Danes are smart

This brings us to the next point, which is about intelligence. Great Danes are famous for their intelligence. Yes, they have goofy personalities and can do silly things no matter how old they are. But they are quite intelligent and sensitive to instructions.

Great Danes can bond with their owners rather quickly and can pick up new things. Also, more importantly, they are eager to please. Even beginners shouldn’t have too much difficulty teaching a Great Dane some new tricks. But keep in mind a Great Dane can be rather stubborn, like a pup. So make sure you have enough treats to give as a reward.

Most of all Great Danes love to cuddle and hang out with their friends

This is my favorite thing about Great Danes. They are just simply friendly and cheerful all the time. Do you want a friend who loves to hang out with you while you’re watching something on the TV? Well, a Great Dane will love to cuddle with you on the couch.

The couch is the number one spot for a Great Dane. Despite being large, they will love nothing more than just climbing into people’s laps and curling up. They just simply love relaxing and receiving affection from their owners.

Don’t be afraid to give a Great Dane belly rubs and hugs. Just be prepared to give them a lot of food due to their size. However, believe me, when I say this, it’s worth it because Great Danes are awesome!


Great Danes are a recommended breed for people who are looking for a friendly and cute breed. You can play and chill with a Great Dane as much as you want. They are also a great breed for families that are planning to get a dog for the first time.