Are Great Danes Good with Kids? 6 Reasons Why They Are!

They are a sweet, gentle giant of a dog but are Great Danes good with kids?. They make an excellent family pet because they are patient and kind with children, as well as adults and other dogs. But that doesn’t mean every Great Dane will be the perfect companion for your family.

You should never bring home any new pet unless you’ve taken time to acquaint yourself with their needs and temperament. That being said, Great Danes are a great choice for families! Let’s take a look at why!

Great Danes Are Calm With Kids

Children and Great Danes absolutely adore each other. Bringing a Great Dane into the family often brings out confidence in children and encourages them to be more social. They adore the attention they get from children and are very patient while they play and explore.

They are often very gentle with children and will rarely nip or bite. So are Great Danes good with kids? They certain aren’t bad. In fact, Great Danes have been used as therapy dogs for years. They can provide a very soothing and gentle presence and help kids who have experienced trauma. There are a few things to remember when bringing a Great Dane into a home with children.

First, they will likely outgrow your kids and get too large to comfortably play with them. Second, they have very large paws that can easily squish little fingers. Third, their long fur can get matted and dirty. You’ll need to be diligent about keeping them clean and healthy.

Great Danes are Gentle Giants

Sometimes people think “gentle giant” is just a nice way to say “slobbery beast.” But Great Danes really are truly gentle giants. They are a giant breed dog, which means they are much larger than most dogs. But they are not hyperactive like many large breed dogs (such as German Shepherds.)

Great Danes have a sweet and calm temperament. They are very family oriented and love to be around people. They are a very patient breed that can easily handle being around children and other pets. Great Danes are very intelligent and can be trained easily.

They are a very adaptable breed and can do well in many different living situations. As long as they get daily exercise, they can live in an apartment just as easily as a suburban home. This is true for all variations including the popular black Great Danes.

Great Dane Care Isn’t Incredibly Difficult

If you’ve always wanted a dog, but you’ve been put off by the idea of having to walk a super large breed, don’t let it scare you away. The walks will be more frequent, but they will be shorter and easier. The daily maintenance of a Great Dane is really not difficult at all.

– Grooming: Brushing once or twice a week will help keep your Great Dane’s coat healthy and prevent matting. They don’t require a lot of complicated grooming like a poodle or a Yorkie. Consider incorporating a high-quality dog skin and coat supplement into their diet to enhance the health of their fur.

– Exercise: Great Danes need lots of exercise. They are very active dogs, and if they don’t get enough exercise they can become destructive and mischievous.

– Diet: A Great Dane has a large and powerful body. They don’t need the same type of diet as a Chihuahua or a Morkie. Because of this, their food will be more expensive.

– Health: Great Danes are generally a very healthy breed. However, like every breed, they are prone to certain health issues.

Great Danes Are Good Watch Dogs

Great Danes have a very unique bark that makes them great watch dogs. They rarely bark unnecessarily, but when they do, it’s loud and clear. They also have a very large and imposing presence. Most would-be thieves will steer clear of a home where a Great Dane is barking.

People often use Great Danes as police dogs because of this. There are, however, some things you should know about Great Danes and their bark. First, they are suspicious of strange noises.

You may never hear the end of a passing fire engine. Second, they will bark at inanimate objects. This is usually an instinctive hunting behavior that is triggered by the movement of wind-blown leaves or shadows.

Great Danes Are Very Loyal and Protective

Great Danes are very loyal dogs. They will be very protective of the members of their pack and will fight to the death to protect them. They are also very territorial and will bark at any passerby. This is good for your family because it will let you know when someone is around.

You should never leave your Great Dane outside unsupervised. It is far too easy for them to be stolen. Great Danes are very intuitive and will quickly pick up on the moods of the people around them. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, they will likely pick up on it and follow suit.

If you want to bring positivity and calm into your home, consider bringing a Great Dane into your life.

There’s Only One Problem with Great Danes…

As we’ve discussed, Great Danes are gentle giants that are incredibly loving and loyal. They are great with kids and will happily spend hours cuddling with them. They are also fairly easy to care for.

But there is one, very important thing you need to remember:

You need to be prepared to commit to an extremely large dog. These dogs are considered a giant breed, so they will be much larger than most other dogs. They are often about two to three times the size of a standard-sized dog. Their large bodies come with large appetites and large medical bills. You’ll need to be prepared to feed your dog a large amount and take them to the vet for regular medical check-ups.

Conclusion on Are Great Danes Good With Kids?

There is no doubt that Great Danes are gentle giants. They are patient and kind with children, as well as adults and other dogs. They are very intelligent and can be trained easily. They are a very adaptable breed and can do well in many different living situations.

Great Danes require daily exercise and regular vet visits. They have a very unique bark that makes them great watch dogs. They are also calm with kids and are very loyal and protective.

There is one problem with Great Danes, though – they are an extremely large breed of dog that requires a lot of care and attention.