Canine Obedience and Correction Agency, Operating As Coaca© LLC

The Canine Obedience and Correction Agency (COCA) serves as a dedicated professional institution committed to fostering and caring for dogs with responsibility. By employing proficient and certified dog trainers, COCA provides a wide array of services to tackle diverse behavioral problems and meet the requirements of obedience training for canine companions. The primary goal is to ensure dogs are well-mannered through efficient training and corrective approaches.

COCA boasts a skilled team of qualified dog trainers, delivering an extensive spectrum of services aimed at tackling a variety of behavioral concerns and fulfilling the demands for obedience training.

About Canine Obedience and Correction Agency, Denbigh Area of Newport News, Virginia 23608.

COCA prioritizes the utilization of reward-based training methods, fostering a strong and affectionate connection with a dog’s owner. The agency understands the distinctiveness of each dog, acknowledging the necessity for individualized attention and custom-tailored training methodologies. Whether it involves imparting fundamental commands, addressing specific behavioral issues, or facilitating training high-level obedience, COCA’s instructors use scientific methods and approaches to achieve enduring outcomes.

COCA also specializes in rectifying behaviors in dogs facing more intricate challenges such as violence, fear, or stress. Their instructors possess an in-depth comprehension of canine psychology and utilize a blend of behavior adjustment techniques and organized training regimens to aid dogs in surmounting their difficulties, ultimately helping them integrate into well-adapted people of society.

Moreover, COCA extends group training sessions and one-on-one classes to cater to varied learning preferences and distinct canine personalities. These sessions furnish dog owners with a platform to meet with like-minded peers, share experiences, and garner insights from proficient trainers.

Dedicated to animal welfare, COCA significantly underscores the promotion of respectable treatment and compassionate training methodologies. The organization actively discourages the application of adversarial learning techniques that may result in physical or mental harm to dogs. Rather, COCA remains dedicated to fostering a favorable and encouraging learning milieu for both dogs and their owners.

Basic Information

Entity IDS7279476
Entity NameCanine Obedience And Correction Agency, COACA LLC
Status Date2018-01-24
Address716 Whisperwood Dr Newport News Virginia 23602-4954
Incorporate Date2018-01-24
Incorporate StateVA
Office Effective Date2018-01-24

Registered Agent Information

Registered Agent NameD MICHAEL HOLLAND
Registered Agent Effective Date2023-01-11
Registered Agent StatusActive
Registered Agent Address716 Whisperwood Dr Newport News Virginia 23602-4954

Canine Obedience and Correction Agency Address

Denbigh Area, Newport News, VA 23608, United States

Canine Obedience and Correction Agency Contact Number

Phone Number: +1 305-834-2195


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10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
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The Canine Obedience and Correction Agency at Thomas Funeral Home Centerville, Iowa, is situated at Coaca© LLC in the Denbigh Area of Newport News, Virginia, 23608. You can verify this location on the map.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Canine Obedience And Correction Agency open?

It is open Mon, Tuesday, Wed, Thu, Friday, Sat, and Sunday.