Big Walk Dog Rapper Bio: Net Worth, Career & Dating Life

Despite being in his mid-20s, Big Walk Dog is becoming quite popular in the United States. The achievements he has made so far should not be overlooked and, in the future, we may see more of him. Big Walk Dog’s personal life remains largely enigmatic. There is still a plethora of information yet to be uncovered, and his dedicated fan base is eagerly craving more insights. Fortunately, I possess vital information that can satisfy your curiosity. Let’s delve into the details regarding Big Walk Dog Rapper Bio, height, weight, and romantic relationship.

Big Walk Dog Rapper Bio / Wiki

Real nameDa’Jour Walker
Date of birth11 October 1996
BirthplaceFlint, Michigan, U.S.
Age26 years old
Birth signLibra
Marital statusUnmarried
GirlfriendHe is single
AwardYoutube silver play button
Debut albumPull Up – 2020
Youtube debut2021

Big Walk Dog Rapper Wiki

Big Walk Dog Rapper Wiki

American rapper widely recognized as Big Walk Dog, finds himself in his mid-twenties, with some estimating his age to be around 24 years old. However, there exists an alternate perspective suggesting that he might be slightly older, possibly in his early thirties. Big Walk Dog, a male artist, from Tutwiler, Mississippi, proudly calls the United States of America his home.

Unfortunately, I currently lack access to information concerning his parents and the details of his upbringing. As for additional insights, I am actively seeking them. When I obtain more information about these aspects, I will promptly update the data.

When it comes to his actual name, information has been elusive thus far. Big Walk Dog has maintained a strong veil of secrecy around his real identity, leaving the public familiar only with his stage name.

The possibility of learning his true name might arise when an official biography detailing his personal life becomes available. Interestingly, Big Walk Dog has adopted other aliases as well, such as Circle K, 1382, and Number 9. Spotting these pseudonyms will clue you into his involvement.

Similarly, his birthdate remains concealed from public knowledge. In terms of his physical attributes, Big Walk Dog appears to have an average height and build, characterized by a robust physique. Precise measurements of his physical features remain undisclosed, as you might have already surmised.

Furthermore, his presence on Instagram is exclusively dedicated to his musical pursuits, offering no insights into his personal life. Therefore, don’t anticipate gleaning details about his personal matters from his Instagram account.

Big Walk Dog Rapper Bio

Big Walk Dog has sparked inspiration among aspiring artists. Among his notable tracks are “Came From Da Bottom,” “Poppin,” and “Tyson.” “Poppin” stands out as the most widely recognized, boasting over 22 million views on YouTube. In the music video, he collaborates with Gucci Mane, garnering substantial love from audiences.

Despite being a relatively new YouTube presence, Big Walk Dog’s channel already has an impressive number of videos. Several of these videos have amassed millions of views within a matter of months. His latest video, titled “Trap Life” featuring Bankroll Freddie, has nearly reached one million views within just 12 days of being uploaded.

In addition to YouTube, Big Walk Dog’s music is accessible on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes, providing listeners with various avenues to enjoy his songs. To stay updated on the latest developments in Big Walk Dog’s career, his Instagram account is a valuable source of information.

Currently, he is involved in a podcast show alongside Big Scarr, Old Mane Bro, Nick Nukem, and Your Boy Eddie. This show is available on Apple Music and adds another dimension to his creative ventures. Moreover, he actively shares videos of his live performances, giving fans a taste of his dynamic stage presence.

Big Walk Dog Rapper Physical Appearances

Weight79 kg
Height6 feet 8 inches
Eye colorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

Big Walk Dog Rapper Early Life

In Flint, Mississippi, BigWalkDog was born. Currently, he is 25 years old. His birth name is Da’Jour Walker. During his childhood, he shifted to The Magnolia State, and it was during this period that he developed a strong bond with his father, who relocated to Detroit.

His living arrangements alternated between his mother’s and grandmother’s homes. Notably, his mother held the role of a visitation officer within a correctional facility. Walker held a special closeness with his grandmother, a connection that endured until her passing in 2020.

He harbored a heartfelt wish for his grandmother to witness his achievements during her lifetime. In an interview, he conveyed the sentiment that his grandmother might be looking down upon him from a celestial vantage point, expressing pride and encouragement with the words, “Look at Da’Jour. You go, boy.”

Big Walk Dog’s Girlfriend

Big Walk Dog maintains a high level of privacy when it comes to his personal life. Sparse details are available about his family background and upbringing. Similar discretion extends to his romantic life, as he hasn’t revealed any information about his current girlfriend. Moreover, records of his past relationships remain absent from all sources.

As previously mentioned, his Instagram account exclusively focuses on his musical pursuits, containing no information pertaining to his relationships.

Big Walk Dog Net Worth

Big Walk Dog Net Worth

BigWalkDog generates income through various streams, including stage performances, royalty earnings, and his YouTube presence. His approximate annual earnings range between $326,400 and $390,000.

The American rapper, songwriter, and hip-hop artist BigWalkDog possesses a net worth of $305,000, encompassing both his brand value and assets.

On a monthly basis, BigWalkDog garners a salary of approximately $19,200 to $22,600. For his live appearances, he commands a fee of about $18,000 to $20,000 per performance.

Additionally, he maintains a self-titled YouTube channel that contributes to his revenue stream. From this platform, he earns an estimated $8,000 to $9,900 per month.

Monthly income$ 19.2K – 22.6K
Yearly income$ 326.4K – 390K
Youtube earnings$ 8K – 9.9K
Net Worth$ 305K
Source of incomeStage shows, Youtube, royalty fees

Big Walk Dog Rapper Social Media Accounts

Facebook@BigWalkDog17K Fans
Instagram@bigwalkdog1361K Followers
Youtube@BigWalkDogOffical158K Subscribers

Facts about Big Walk Dog

  • Big Walk Dog currently resides in Tutwiler, located in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, USA. His social media accounts are managed and overseen by Atlantic Records.
  • He stands out as one of the tallest rappers in history, boasting an impressive height of 6 feet 8 inches.
  • His prominence is further underscored by his substantial Spotify following, amassing around 569,000 monthly listeners.
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