You Enter a Room 2 Dogs 4 Horses Lying on Bed Riddle – Answer

So, you enter a room 2 dogs 4 horses lying on bed, that’s the riddle we’re about to discuss.

Have you heard about a riddle called You Enter a Room That Has 2 Dogs, 4 Horses, and 1 Giraffe?

We will talk about this interesting riddle, and we provide the answer to the riddle and explanation below. Read the riddle carefully and try to answer the question.


When you come into a room, there are two dogs, four cats, one giraffe, five cows, and a duck on the bed, and there are three chickens flying. How many legs are on the floor?


The answer to this riddle is 6 legs.

According to the riddle, there are a total of six legs on the floor, and it is the correct answer.

Below are the explanations for the you enter a room 2 dogs 4 horses lying on bed riddle.

The riddle asked how many legs were on the floor. We will count your legs because you are on the floor when you enter the room. But all of the animals in the room are on the bed and the chickens are flying, so we will not count them.

As a result, your two legs and four-bed legs add up to six legs, and the right answer is six.

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