You Enter a Room 2 Dogs 4 Horses Lying on Bed Riddle – Answer

So the riddle under discussion is about 2 dogs and 4 horses. You enter reach a room and what you look at is 2 dogs and 4 horses lying on a bed.

Have you ever heard about a riddle named as “ you enter a room that has 2 fogs, 4 horses and 1 Girraffe in it?”
Not only that we will discuss about this interesting and fun riddle but we will alsi explain it to you. All you need to do is read carefully and try to answer the questions.


So when you just enter a room you see the bed and see the following animals i.e 2 dogs, 4 cats and 1 giraffe, five cows, and one duck. There are also triple chickens flying. Can you count the number of legs on the floor?


The simple answer to this question is “6 legs”.

As explained in the riddle the total number of legs placed on the floor is 6 which is the right answer to the question.

Now let’s have a look at the explanation of the riddle 2 dogs, 4 horses lying on a bed.

The question in the riddle was about the number of legs moving at the floor. So we shall also include your legs since your legs are on the floor when you enter the room. All the animals in the room are on the bed. The two chickens in the room are flying. Therefore none of the animal’s legs will be counted.

Consequently, your legs and the legs of the bed make up 6 legs altogether. Therefore the solution is six.
Is your answer to the riddle the same? There is the possibility of multiple solutions to this riddle so in case you have a different answer do let us know through the comment section.