Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Back Side Facing You?

We’re sure that, if you’ve ever owned a dog, you have encountered this scenario before: You try to snuggle up and your four-legged friend decides to get comfortable too by sticking their furry butt right at you.

Dogs position themselves with their backsides facing you because they feel safest that way and trust you to protect them. Their basic protection instinct towards themselves and their family allows them to be vulnerable around you while still being able to monitor everything else happening in the area.

It could be uncomfortable for you, more so if their back side appears to be engaged all the time. By covering their bottom with any blanket or piece of clothing, you won’t have to see it as much. You might also try to position them at a lower side just so their bum would be directed towards your tummy instead.

However, you should feel comfortable with this posture this is their own special way of expressing that they know you’re not going to hurt them and that you will protect them.

Your Dog Feels At Ease Around You

Your furry friend sleeps better with their back to you because they feel safer that way. They can’t sleep comfortably when they don’t feel safe, just as you can’t sleep well when you don’t feel secure. With their backs turned to you, it is less likely that they will be preyed upon.

Your dog will accept you into their pack if they come to trust and feel secure around you. When they feel at ease with you or anyone, they will begin sleeping or napping with their back side facing you. It allows them to sleep peacefully, which allows you to sleep well as well.

But that doesn’t mean that your pet is not at ease sleeping alone. They will have no trouble sleeping alone if they have become acquainted with any place, whether it’s a home or a room. They do, however, like sleeping with their best friend.

Trust Is Important With Your Pet

Focus on your dog’s body language to determine whether or not he trusts you. They understand that your loyalty lies with them, so they reciprocate by being devoted to you.

When your pet gets cozy with you in bed or on the couch, them curling up with their back to you is a sign that they trust and feel safe with you. This will be you if you are present in the bed or on the couch. But if you’re not, this is most likely a corner or a wall.

Take note of this behavioral pattern, more so if you have a previously abused dog. They are starting to trust you when they start to sleep and their back is turned up on you.

Your Pet Wants to Protect You

Protecting their pack is in dogs’ nature. Because you’re now a member of the intimate circle of the dog pack, they will want to protect you. That’s our favorite part of the answer to the why do dogs tend to sleep and their bum facing you question.

The misconception that guard dogs are always aggressive and will bark or bite at any stranger is untrue. Instead, they’ll pay attention to what’s going on around them and their family.

They will need to turn their back on you so they can watch how things are happening around you while protecting you, that includes the times when they rest or nap.

Your Dog Is Accustomed To Sleep In a Specific Manner

If you enjoy being the proverbial big spoon whenever cuddling with your dog, that’s great! However, if your puppy typically sleeps like this, then they will likely lay down in this position when sleeping.

Maybe you tend to scratch their backsides or touch their bellies while they lie in this manner. This is regarded as a rewarding behavior, and they will lay in the same manner every time in order to receive additional belly rubs and scratches.

You Dog Wants You To Scratch His Butt

A good butt scratching is one of the few things all dogs can agree on. If your furry friend likes to sleep with their bottom facing you, this might be their way of asking for some loving back scratches.

Don’t you think it feels good when someone close to you scratches an itchy part you can’t reach?  The same goes for dogs. Dogs have many nerve endings especially around their tail base. That’s why they like it when their human scratches their butt.

However, keep in mind that not all dogs enjoy this. You should carefully observe your dog because some don’t like this. Some may also have fleas embedded within the inner folds of their very tails. If you find any fleas, examine the area and speak with your veterinarian about what to do next.

Your Pet Has Laid A Claim On You

Dogs greet each other with a sniff of the other dog’s bottom because of pheromones that convey important information, such as identity and emotional state.

Canine pheromones are imperceptible to humans, but other dogs can certainly smell them. In other words, if your pup sleeps with their hind end facing you, they could be trying to spread their scent on you and claim you as theirs. It’s their way of telling other dogs that you’re already spoken for and off-limits.

Your Dog Is Trying To Avoid Your Eye Contact

If you have a shy dog or is a new rescue from a pet shelter, they might sleep with their bum to you. This way, they avoid making eye contact. Moreover, if you’re looking at your puppy’s markings and thinking they’re beautiful, your pup doesn’t know that. avoid eye contact with you so they don’t feel uncomfortable.

However, you can pet your dog while maintaining eye contact then compliment them on being a nice dog. Make some vocal affirmations and use facial expressions such as smiling or kissing.

This will not only help you form a stronger bond with your dog, but it will also aid in their socialization. If your pet seems timid, it could be due to a lack of socialization. It will make a huge difference if you invest some time time to helping them deal with this.

Your Dog Wants To Be Left Alone

If your furry friend is tired after the activities of the day, it will not want to be bothered. Your dog may be exhausted from playing at the beach all day. They would like to be left alone so they sleep showing their back side to you, facing away from you.

Your dog feels others looking at him in the same way that you do. If your dog catches anyone staring while they sleep, it might prevent them from falling asleep. Turning back from you will make it effortless for them drift off into dreamland.

Is It Possible To Train Your Pet On An Ideal Sleeping Position?

If you’re bothered by your dog’s sleeping position, you can instead train them to sleep in a different way. However, we propose that you consider their sense of safety. This means that they will be facing your other body parts or possibly a wall.

It may take a little while and some patience, but once your pet understands they can doze off soundly like this, it’ll be no problem. Some pets prove to be more resistant though, so you might need to help them get comfortable every night.

Common Questions

If the answers you just read weren’t enough for the why do dogs’ bum face you when they sleep, keep reading.

Is It Ok To Pet Your Sleeping Dog?

If you’re debating whether to pet your furry friend while they sleep, it depends really on the individual dog. If they are used to being petted by you while dozing off, then it should be okay.

Although, this could possibly scare them. It is more ideal to awaken them up verbally if you want to avoid startling them with the alarm sound.

Can Dogs Notice When Their Humans Sleep?

Yes, dogs can tell when their owners are napping. If your dog is barking while you’re asleep but not during the day, they might be trying to telling you something important.

Why Does My Sleeping Dog Push Up Against Me?

When your dog presses up against you while sleeping, they are asserting authority over you and the territory surrounding you. This can also be a good sign that they are comfortable enough to do so.

However, if your dog does this between you and your partner, it could be a show of dominance. It will need to be fixed so that it does not become a problem in the future.

There you have it, the internet’s most complete answer to why do dogs are always sleeping with their back side facing you? We trust you’ll find this information useful and encourage you to share it with other dog lovers.