Why Do Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You?

Dog owners often ask the question why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you? They are all familiar with this situation: when you go to snuggle up, your dog decides to get comfortable and shove their furry but right at you. Although it’s not a pleasant position, it is actually a compliment to you.

Dogs prefer to sleep with their bums facing you because they feel safe and trust you. Because your dog understands it can trust you, they leave themselves exposed to you while keeping an eye on everything else around them. This is because they have a natural desire to protect their family and themselves.

It may be uncomfortable for you, especially if their bum appears to be locked and loaded all the time. But you can always place a tiny blanket over their bum to make it not so much in your face. You might also try to slide them down so that their butt is against your tummy instead.

However, you should feel comfortable with this posture because it’s their way of expressing that they know you’re not going to hurt them and that you will protect them.

Your Dog Feels Comfortable With You

Your dog prefers to sleep with their back to you because they feel safe with you. They can’t sleep comfortably when they don’t feel safe, just as you can’t sleep well when you don’t feel secure. They don’t have to worry about a predator coming up on them if they have their back on you.

Your dog will accept you into their pack if they come to trust you. When they feel at ease with you as a person, they will begin sleeping with their bum facing you. It allows them to sleep peacefully, which allows you to sleep well as well.

But that doesn’t mean that your dog isn’t at ease sleeping alone. They will have no trouble sleeping alone if they have become acquainted with a house or even a room. They do, however, like to sleep with their human companions.

Trust Is Important With Your Dog

Pay attention to your dog’s body language to determine whether or not he trusts you. They know that if they are faithful to you, you will be loyal to them in return.

Therefore, it is instinctive for them to turn their back on what or who they trust the most when they become at ease in bed. This will be you if you are present in the bed or on the couch. But if you’re not, this is most likely a wall or a corner.

Take note of this behavior, especially if you’ve adopted a previously abused dog. They are starting to trust you when they sleep with their back on you.

Your Dog Wants to Protect You

Protecting their pack is in dogs’ nature. Because you’re now a member of the dog pack, they want to protect you. That’s our favorite part of the answer to the why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you question.

A common misunderstanding is that a ‘guard dog’ will bark, bite, and be aggressive to any stranger that approaches them or their family. This is not true. Instead, they’ll pay attention to what’s going on around them and their family.

They’ll need to turn their back on you so they can watch everything else around you while protecting you. And yes, even when they are sleeping.

You Encouraged Your Dog To Sleep In a Specific Manner

It’s okay if you enjoy being the big spoon when you’re hugging your dog. However, if this is how your puppy is used to sleeping, this is how they will normally sleep.

Maybe you scratch their backsides or touch their bellies while they lie in this manner. This is regarded as a rewarding behavior, and they will lay in the same manner every time in order to receive additional scratches and belly rubs.

You Dog Wants His Butt Scratched

Almost all dogs enjoy having their butts scratched. If your companion sleeps with their bum facing you, this could be their way of requesting butt scratches.

Don’t you think it feels good when your friend or spouse scratches an itch you can’t scratch?  The same goes for dogs. Dogs have a lot of nerve endings where their tail joins their back. That’s why they like it when their human scratches their butt.

However, keep in mind that not all dogs enjoy this. You should pay attention to your dog because some don’t like this. Some may also have a flea infestation in the folds of their upper tail. If you find any fleas, check the area and speak with your veterinarian about what to do next.

Your Dog Has Claimed You

Do you know why dogs sniff one other’s buttocks to greet each other? This is because dogs have pheromones, and each dog has a distinct scent.

Canine pheromones are detectable by other dogs but not by humans. Therefore, your dog may be sleeping with their bum in your face in order to leave its scent on you and identify you as theirs. It’s their way of communicating to other dogs that you are their human and they are your dog.

Your Dog Is Avoiding Eye Contact With You

If your dog is timid, or if they are a new rescue, they may sleep with their back to you to avoid eye contact. By doing this, they won’t know if you’re staring at their gorgeous markings or simply admiring them. They avoid eye contact with you so they don’t feel uncomfortable.

However, you can pet your dog while maintaining eye contact and compliment them on being a good dog. Make some vocal affirmations and use facial expressions such as smiling or kissing.

This will not only help you and your dog bond better, but it will also aid in socialization. If your dog seems timid, it could be due to a lack of socialization. It will make a huge difference if you take the time to help them with this.

Your Dog Doesn’t Want To Be Bothered

If your dog is tired after the day’s activities, it will not want to be bothered. Maybe you took them on a play date or maybe you took them to the beach to run and play all day. They don’t want to be bothered so they sleep with their back to you, facing away from you.

Your dog feels others looking at him in the same way that you do. So, if they notice you staring at them, it may entice them to stay up and play or spend time with you. Facing away from you allows them to wander away more easily.

Is It Possible To Train Your Dog How To Sleep?

If having your dog’s bum in your face bothers you, you can always teach your dog how to sleep. However, we propose that you consider their sense of safety. This means that they will be facing your other body parts or possibly a wall.

It won’t be an issue if your dog learns that it can sleep safely in this posture. It will require some time and patience. However, some dogs are stubborn, and you may have to keep relocating them as they settle in each night.

Related Questions

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Should You Pet Your Sleeping Dog?

It depends on the dog whether you should pet it while it is asleep. It should be fine if you’ve had them since they were a puppy and they’re used to it while they’re sleeping.

On the other hand, this could frighten them. If you want to wake them up, it’s best to do so verbally so you don’t frighten them if they’re not used to it.

Do Dogs Notice When Their Humans Sleep?

Yes, dogs can tell when their owners are napping. If your dog occasionally barks when you’re sleeping but not when you’re awake, this is their way of alerting you to what’s going on.

Why Does My Sleeping Dog Push Up Against Me?

When your dog presses up against you while sleeping, they are asserting authority over you and the territory surrounding you. This can also be a good sign that they are comfortable enough to do so.

However, if your dog does this between you and your partner, it could be a show of dominance. It will need to be fixed so that it does not become a problem in the future.

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