Why are Brindle Dogs Unpopular?

Have you ever wondered why Brindle dogs are unpopular but look so cute? Their unpopularity is because of their affiliation with the Brindle Pit Bull, the reason behind whose breeding was just violence. Brindle dog’s coat color seems striped. It is not a common pattern for dogs since breeders find it complicated to produce this pattern consistently.

What Makes the Reason for Unpopularity of Brindle Dogs?

Brindle dogs (learn more about them here) among the most charming animals present on earth . They look unique and different, thanks to their distinctive coat patterning, and their personalities are just as captivating as their appearances. But why are brindle dogs not so popular?

Brindle Dog Explained?

Many breeds of dogs have a pattern that looks like coat called a brindle. This name gets it’s inspiration from tiger’s skin. The tiger skin has dark stripes on lighter background which is similar top the striped fur of big cats like tigers, leopards and lions. This color impressioning is often referred to by the more popular spelling “brindled.”

Owners of these dogs refer to them as “brindles,” but they do not have any   scientific standpoint. It’s just a name by which people recognize them and call them. In actuality, this tiger-like coat pattern is of two types.

The first type is called “striped” or “mottled”. It implies having black streaks across the body.These black streaks have a solid color under them. These solid colors might be browns, reds, blues etc. The other stripless type is called ‘brindled’. It does not have any stripes but instead it seems like a combination of two entirely different dogs.

In animals, Brindle is a coat pattern. Brindle animals have colo streaks across their body structure. It is similar to the coloration of big cats such as tigers and lions. The phrase is derived from an old word of French origin: brin d’he which means whisker.

It was eventually condensedmade part of the English language with the exclusion of just one word-  hence the current spelling: ‘brindle.’ Brindles are typically beige or brownish with black markings. They can also beall white or deep chocolaty grey with dark accents above the head or at the backside.

These dogs are present in a wide range of patterns and hues. Dominant brindles only breed with partners of similar patterns.  In recessive brindles the genes remain invisible unless any one of the parent is a carrier of those genes. 

Two sets of chromosomes i.e one pair from each parent determines what color the dog’s coat will have. However it is not necessary that both pairs will always match in a perfect manner. Therefore some variations can be seen within groups of species. Consider the Dalmations as an example all of which have different pigmentation of skin. The pigmentation can appear black or white according to the genetics. Successful reproduction is however not determined by this trait.

The body of the dominant type bears stripes, whereas their are spots on the recessive form. In Brindle dogs this patterning is the result of one or two copies of each gene. In case of just one copy, both parents need to be brindled so that their child can inherit this trait. But in case they have different genes i.e they are heterozygous, half of them might not have any markings shown on them and  will be unable produce babies successfully..

You can find exactly what attracts you in brindles because they come in so many different colors and patterns! They make ideal pets because they are friendly to both humans and other animals. This means less hassle when going roaming around town or involving in fights.

What Is The Reason Behind The Unpopularity of Brindle Dogs?

These dogs are not among the favorite  breed of dog. Because of the Brindel Red Pitbull they are negatively perceived of being combative. 

Wondering what is the Brindel Red Pitbull? It is not a dog breed but just a color variation of the pitbull. People often link any brindle dogs to the Brindle Red Pitbull, and it makes them unpopular. The Brindle Red Pitbull in terms of breed and color are registered with the UKC and are a cross between an American Pitbull Terrier and a Boxer. In terms of size they varie rom medium to large and have weight between 40 and 80 pounds.

Their coat is short andquite convenient to look after. It can be of various colors such as black, fawn, or brindle with white patterns. 

Brindel Red Pitbulls are unpopular not just because of their color .Another negative feature behind them not being popular is their combative nature.

However this is not always correct. Gentle Brindles also exist. However, people think that any brindle dogs are as aggressive as the Brindle Red Pitbulls. So, if you’re considering to adopt a Brindle dog do not forget to do your homework beforehand!

Many magnificent breeds also exist which can become excellent pets, but the Brindle Red Pitbull is unfortunately not one of these.

As per the AKC , the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Tennessee Treeing Brindle, and Brindle Pitbull as distinct breeds. So just in case you want to adopt any of these breeds do some background search. Weigh the pros and cons and decide which one suits you best.Each one of them have a unique personality and qualities that may complement your way of life.

Is it Hard to Produce the Brindle Color Pattern in Breeding Dogs? 

It is debatable if it is possible to develop the brindle pattern in dogs. Some breeders say it is simple to develop it, others contrary to this claim it can be difficult. Certain things can increase your chances of having a brindle dog. For this you have to follow the below mentioned points. 

First, you must choose parents that have the gene that carries brindle patterns. Although it appears easy but it is difficult. Because not all dog breeds contain this particular gene.In case both parents contain the gene, the puppies have a significant chance of inheriting the characteristic. However, there is no assurance that any of the pups will be brindle you breed a pair among which only one carries the gene. 

Selectingparents who are somehow related to each other but not closely is the next step. Means rather than being siblings or half-siblings, they should be from distinct patterns within their same breed. If feasible, try breeding dogs with unrelated grandparents to boostthe probability of having pups with the pertinent pattern even more.

Third, for the greatest outcomes, consider the pair in which both have Dominant Brindle and recessive black genes. Suxh tyoes have more probabilty of producing brindled pups when bred together as compared to other combinations, that solely have just dominant brindle or recessive black gene.

There are numerous dog breeds with a brindle arrangement , typically those with short hair. This pattern of coat is most common in puppies. However, as the dogs grow older,it is less prominent until you look with more concentration from backside or underside where there is a possibility of existence of some spots from their infant time period that might still give them a ‘brindled’ look.  

When talking about breeding dogs no one can give any assurities. However if you follow these steps your chances of getting a brindles pup get increased twofold. 

Although not uncommon, brindle dogs are not really popular. The following are some examples of commonly brindled breeds:

  • English Mastiff
  • Bull Terriers
  • Canary Mastiff
  • Boston Terriers
  • Akita
  • Whippet
  • Boxers
  • Pit Bulls
  • Plott

Is  Brindled Dog More Expensive Than The Average One?

Yes it is true that a Brindled dog is more expensive tha a usual dog. The reason behind this the dominanvy of the brindled gene that might pass down from one generation to another. As a result, breeders that want to yield brindled dogs may ask for a higher price for their pups.

Conclusion on The Reason Behind Brindled Dogs Being Unpopular?

In conclusion, several breeds have recessive genes that lead to the existence of the Brindled pattern. It is rare and unique. Also because of the UKC Brindle Red Pit Bull, it has been  previously been connected with hostility.