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What to Do if A Dog Has Attacked You?

Have you been attacked by a dog? If so, then we suggest you take a few precautionary measures to save yourself in the future. This article will tell you how to tackle such a situation. 

Steps to Take After A Dog Has Attacked You

Being attacked by a dog can be a dreadful and unforgettable experience in your life. If you don’t take the correct steps, there’s a chance you might end up with complications including being infected by rabies and other infections. So what to do after you have been attacked by a dog? 

  • Rush to The Nearest Hospital

Without wasting another moment, rush to the nearest hospital or clinic to receive medical attention. It does not matter how small or big the wound is; you have been attacked by a dog, which can lead to infections and lifetime scarring.  Make sure a professionally trained doctor is treating you to clean the wound properly and, if necessary, stitch it up. 

Wounds from dog bites are not restricted till allowing the bacteria in the bite to harm you. 

Still, they can even permit dangerous staphylococcus bacteria (MRSA) to settle in the wound and give birth to a “staph” infection.

Plus, you really don’t want rabies, right?

According to the Chicago Dog Bite Attorneys at TPMB, you need to make sure you save and preserve any medical bills or documents. This could be incredibly helpful should you choose to pursue legal action for your damages.

  • Call and Report to The Animal Control Centre

Reporting that you have been attacked by a dog is part of the law, therefore instantly call and report to the nearest animal control center in your vicinity. They will look further into the matter to ensure that there is no chance of rabies being spread. 

A proper investigation will be arranged by the animal control center, where they will check that all the animals have received their recent vaccinations, identified, and secured properly. 

The animal control center will create a bite report to assist your lawyer in filing a dog bite injury claim in Houston (or wherever you were attacked) showing the severity of the dog’s attack, information to get hold of the owner of the dog and documentation of the bite as proof to help take legal action against the responsible party.

You can ask them to give you a report directly using sample open records if they don’t provide you with one on the spot. 

  • Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Whenever you are injured, you follow a proper method of changing the dressing and putting on a new bandage. The same goes for the dog’s bite. Follow the instructions and the way your doctor bandaged your wound. 

If you miss out on a step, any part of your wound might be left exposed, causing the infection to worsen. List down all the medicines the doctors asked you to take without fail, as the more care you will take the faster the wound will heal. 

If you feel, you may also visit the doctor to show the wound and confirm whether you are on the correct track. A professional’s supervision and opinion is necessary in such critical situations as after all you were attacked by a dog.

  • Who Saw You Being Attacked by The Dog?

If there were many people, who saw you being attacked by the dog, then they can serve their purpose of being potential eye-witnesses. 

Apart from the dog owner, if there were multiple people, who saw the attack, make sure to jot down their contact details and keep it safe. 

Inquire about the dog’s owners from your neighbors, if their pet has bitten someone else too, as this will all add to strengthening your case, and you must prove that the owner is well aware of the dog’s aggressive nature. 

  • Be Prepared with Photographs

The photographs will act as great evidence to show what you had to bear after being attacked by the dog. Keep collecting data in this form and save all the medical receipts as well to claim your compensation from the dog’s owner. 

We hope you can now manage the situation after being attacked by a dog and be safe in the future.