Pitbull Named Princess: Meaning, Story and Meme

Let’s dive into the meaning, story and meme about Pitbull named princess, a name that seems to contradict the stereotype of this dog breed.

People often perceive Pitbull’s as aggressive, potentially risky and occasionally hard to predict. But do they truly deserve the reputation they receive in the media and general public perception?

Or do humans misunderstood and mistreated this dog breed for cruel purposes? You need to know the whole scenario before assuming anything.

What Does It Mean to Name a Pitbull Princess?

The name Princess often evokes associations, with femininity, beauty, elegance and royalty. It is a name that represents delicacy, gracefulness and charm.

However, these are not the characteristics that most people think of when they hear the word Pitbull.

So why would someone name a Pitbull Princess?

There could be several motivations naming a Pitbull Princess.

  • To fight the stigma of Pitbull and show that they can be gentle, loving and loyal companions.
  • To create a contrast between the name and the appearance of the dog.
  • To express love and appreciation, for the dog, of its breed or physical characteristics.

Regardless of the reason for naming a dog Princess, this name reflects pitbulls personality and character more than its physical traits. Pitbulls are not a homogeneous group of dogs. Rather they are diverse and varied type that can have different behaviors and preferences.

What Is the Story Behind a Pitbull Named Princess?

Tragic Story of Pitbull Princess

One of the most famous and tragic stories is that, a Pit Bull named Princess who was sexually abused by her owner along with a child. This story was reported by First Coast News in 2019, when Princess was rescued by the organization Pit Sisters.

Rescuing the Pitbull Princess

According to Pit Sisters, Princess was saved from a home where she and a child were sexually molested by the owner. The person, in charge was accused of committing acts of sexual battery, against a child below the age of 12 as well as engaging in animal cruelty.

After rescuing, Princess was taken to a nationally renowned training facility in New York. There she received specialized care and rehabilitation.

Reviving the Pitbull Princess

The story also shows a good insight that Pitbull’s, with love and care, can recover from past trauma and abuse. The Princess rebuilt trust and formed bond with people. Much like the other dogs, Pitbulls are loyal, affectionate, and playful pets.

Princess’s story is a proper example that shows pitbulls are one of the most abused dog breeds globally. They are often used for illegal dog fighting, baiting, guarding or breeding.

Still having the question in mind that are Pitbulls a vicious breed? Well, they each have their individual personalities and should be treated with care and respect.

Some Meme About a Pitbull Named Princess?

Pitbull Named Princess Funny Meme

One of the most popular memes about a Pitbull named Princess is the one that originated from Reddit in 2023. The meme shows an image of a borzoi (a long-haired Russian hunting dog) impaling a Pit Bull with its long snout. You can also create your own memes about a dog breed that you like.

The caption reads: “Pitbull named Princess rule”. People shares this meme to mock the idea that Pitbull are dominant over other breeds of dogs.

Pitbull Named Princess Meme

The meme is a part of the hoax called #PitBullDropOff, which started on Twitter in 2018. According to the hoax, people are adopting Pitbull from shelters in order to damage or kill them. The goal of this hoax was to generate fear in people about Pitbull and their owners.

The memes represent Pitbull as violent and scary dogs who can hurt kids for no reason. People intentionally spreads photographs and videos that include fatal dog attacks involving Pitbull. But they ignore the fact that these statistics are untrustworthy, inaccurate, and biased.

These memes also fail to recognize that pitbulls are not inherently more aggressive than other breeds.

How to Name Your Pitbull?

If you are planning to adopt a pitbull, it can be a challenge naming it. Here are some tips and suggestions on how to name your pitbull:

  1. Consider Their Personality and Appearance: Pitbulls come in various temperaments, behaviors, and physical traits. Name your pitbull that reflects the characteristics of him. Some suggestions could be Luna, Blaze, Spot or Rocky.
  2. Acknowledge Their History: Pitbulls have a complex history, often misunderstood and mistreated. You can opt for a name that honors their heritage and resilience, like Justice, Hope, Faith, or Liberty.
  3. Think About Their Purpose: Pitbulls fulfill roles, ranging from being working dogs to cherished members of families. You can select a name that matches their function, like Scout, Ranger, Buddy, or Coco.
  4. Consider Gender and Breed: Pitbulls encompass various breeds and can be male or female. Choose a name that suits their gender and breed, such as Bella, Max, Luna, or Zeus.
  5. Personal Preference and Style: Ultimately, the name you choose should reflect your personal taste and style. Whether it’s classic, modern, creative, or quirky, pick a name that resonates with you or holds special meaning.

How to Respond to the Memes?

So how should you respond to those memes if you encounter it on social media platforms? Here are some tips and suggestions:

  • Ignore it: The most effective way to deal with trolls and negativity is to ignore the meme. You may avoid unnecessary stress by not responding to them.
  • Report it: If the meme violates platform rules against hate speech, harassment, bullying, or animal abuse, report it to platform moderators or administrators to have it removed.
  • Educate them: On platforms that allow open discussion, consider providing facts and information to challenge the false beliefs and assumptions behind the meme. Spread knowledge about the challenges that Pitbull encounter in society.
  • Counter it: On platforms that encourage creativity and humor, create your own content that portrays Pitbull in a positive and humorous light. Use humor to point out the problems in the original meme and also express your backing for Pitbull and their owners.

The Pitbull named Princess meme is a meme that is popular among some people who dislike or hate Pitbull. This meme relies on several hoaxes, stereotypes and lies. It is a meme that can be challenged, changed or replaced by people who know better.

Pitbull Named Princess – FAQs

Why are Pitbull considered dangerous?

Because of their history and reputation of being involved in illegal dog fighting, baiting, guarding or breeding, and their abuse and discrimination by humans. However, many people still wonder are Pitbulls a vicious breed or not.

Are Pitbull naturally more aggressive than other dog breeds?

No, a dog’s aggression is shaped by factors like its environment, training, socialization, and overall health, rather than its breed.

How can I adopt a Pitbull named Princess?

Contact Pit Sisters, an organization that helps abused and neglected dogs. You can find an application form on their website.

How can I show support for Pitbull named Princess?

You can show your support, for Pitbull by making donations or volunteering with organizations like Pit Sisters. Additionally, you can help raise awareness about Pitbull by sharing their stories, on social media platforms.